Web Design & Development :-   If you talk about services, we have plenty to talk about. Since the onset of our journey, our focus has been for more. Not only we added to our expertise profile and knowledge, we also expanded our services gradually. We did not want to be limited in the category of just another India web design company. So we added website maintenance, mobile application development, e-commerce and digital marketing in our service list. Whichever service we introduced, we made sure that we have added to our team some of the best professionals in that field. We never compromise with the quality and since we leverage on the expertise and experience of our team members, we pick the best website designer or the best software developer.
We provide complete website design & development along with free hosting and maintenance for 1 year.

The detailed services include :

  • HTML 5/ CSS / JavaScipt
  • CMS website
  • Bespoke Web Development
  • Magneto Development
  • Prestashop Development
  • Word Press Design
  • Responsive Page Design

Website Maintenance :
Digital Marketing :-

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • E Mail Marketing
  • Local Listing
  • Reputation Management

E Business Application development

Multimedia Presentations

CMS Website

All the websites deal with a volume of contents. There are images, write-ups, sometimes videos, blogs, testimonials and so on. Apart from the contents uploaded at the inception, new contents are generated almost daily. New images are added and new articles are posted that add to the content databases of the websites. Sites that have forums or blogs are prone to daily content additions. Everyday these sites are visited by many web users. They surf through the posts, leave comments and remarks. Some of these visitor posts contain images and links. All these are new content loads that the website needs to handle and manage.

That is why, websites need to be supported by good content management systems. It should be in their built-in features. CMS is a computer application that allows the user to publish, modify and organize the contents of the central interface and also to delete them, if needed. If the website is not supported by a good content management system, users or web browsers won’t be able to view the contents and make comments. CMS is what makes and keeps a website interactive. In simple terms, a CMS website means a website that can handle a great volume of dynamic content and there instant modifications.

It is in the developmental stage when the websites are made content management efficient. The developer needs to select a CMS software tool. WordPress and Drupal are the most popular CMS tools that are widely used worldwide. Our web development team is comprised of highly efficient Drupal and WordPress professionals. We have developed numerous CMS websites so far that have testimonials, blogs, news corners and online stores.

Bespoke Web Development

In the field of website development, bespoke web development refers to a service where a website is designed and developed according to the customized needs of the client. Ideally, every website should be a bespoke website in terms of its designs and contents. As it represents a particular brand, product or company, it should have a unique color scheme, unique layout, original contents and other unique features that can distinguish it from other websites.

But when we say, bespoke web development, we refer a service which is more than these features. Every company has its own set of operations that is extended in its website. Most of the cases these are related to sales and marketing. Sometimes it also includes accounts management, distributor or channel partner networking and employee database management. To manage these operations, the website requires some customized software or applications or database integration systems. These need to be added in the built-in features of the website. That is known as making the website a bespoke one.

Magneto Development

Magento is the best tool to develop e-commerce sites. This is a content management system, ideal for shopping carts. Whenever we get an assignment where we need to develop a website with an online store we choose Magento. Worldwide this is the best preferred CMS for shopping cart development.

Let us elaborate its advantages.

  • This platform can accommodate up to 500,000 products for a single site and has an unbeatable order management facility that helps not only the Administrators but also the buyers. Besides it can efficiently handle a volume of order of different categories at a time.
  • Its SEO-friendly architecture helps the sites developed with this tool get certain optimization privileges by default. Besides there are options to implement more customized SEO features.
  • Magento is a flexible platform that allows page editing and modifications on the fly. That means the owner or the administrator can modify content or customize offers anytime, when the site is fully operational.
  • It is mobile-friendly and so the sites become in-built responsive to all kinds of devices. And since the platform supports integration to a long list of Payment gateways like PayPal, Ebay, Google Shopping, QuickBooks etc., it is customer-friendly as well.
  • Magento sites have multiple-layered security system which is very difficult to breach. From the customer’s point of view also, sharing personal information is safe.
  • It comes with a package of dynamic search filters and adding browse related prompts or checkout page prompts is easy. That provides extra benefits to promote cross-sells. Besides there are certain advanced marketing tools like Flexible coupons or Landing page tools that further helps in sales promotion.
  • It is 200% cost effective. Being an open-source software the development cost of Magento is low and you can run multiple sites using a single installation.


Durpal Development

With Drupal in the backend, volumes of content including write-ups, images, video, podcast, blog posts etc. can be efficiently managed, retrieved and edited. We often recommend this for the sites that have intranets with a volume of data integrated.

Below is a quick snapshot of its advantages–

  • Since it is open-source, the development cost is low.
  • Site development with Drupal requires less programming and so helps in fast delivery.
  • It is highly flexible with a number extendable features. This means the website can be reshaped through
  • upgrades and modifications of existing elements. The developer needs not to scrap the old site, he can just work upon it to get a revamped one.
  • Drupal comes with a taxonomy module that makes retrieval of data easy. The fluid nature of its content organization helps the users find relevant data from the site quickly.
  • API support is very crucial for enterprise websites as these sites get constantly exposed to a number of third party applications. Drupal’s API list is extensive including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Salesforce etc.
  • The tool is popular for its highly SEO-friendly nature. It comes with an inherent list of SEO modules that display content in a manner that search engines are bound to respond.
  • Websites developed in Drupal are mobile-friendly and compatible with Smartphones, Tablets and different operating systems.


Responsive Page Design

When a user enters a site, the entire layout should fit itself within the viewport of the device from where he has logged in. This does not occur automatically. This feature is added by responsive web designing.
A responsive web design responds to the characteristics of the device display, type of browser and the operating system by which a user is trying to access the website. The objective is to help problem-free navigational experience by enhancing the usability. If the website does not have a responsive design then it will not be loaded properly on the mobile devices and only fragmented parts will appear on the screen. The user shall find it difficult to scroll up and down.